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I’m so excited you are doing my 21-day Bright Dight Challenge!
You’re joining 1000’s of other people who are losing weight, preventing and reversing disease with a keto-based diet and I can’t wait to see your progress.
Over the next 21 days, you’re going to see and feel some big changes in your body. The tabs below will explain the exciting changes you’ll be seeing and a simple plan of how to achieve them. You’ll find tips and tricks and recipes to help you plan week by week.
I really want to feature your progress on our website so please email and tag on Instagram to share your story.
I can’t wait to see you transform your life and I’ll be right here for you to answer any questions!

The 21 Days Keto Challenge Rules

1. Follow the Rules of Keto

2. No Cheating

3.Take Before & After Pictures and Measurements (Just for yourself)

4. No Scales During the Challenge (Just before and after)

5. Eat Something New Each Week