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8 Useful Hacks to Make Keto Easier

If you’re newly starting a healthy diet plan, and you chose this plan to be Keto Diet, then, first of all, we want to tell you it’s a great choice because you are going to enjoy its benefits which will be reflected on your health as well as your weight. Here in Brightdiet.co.uk, we are bringing to you the best hack that you can use to make Keto dieting easier and simple. 


Hack #1: Enjoy a satisfying Breakfast:

It’s easier for everyone to have a quick breakfast in the morning then running to work like having a bowl of cereal which neither satisfies you nor provides your body with energy and power. Even though we all know that breakfast meal is the most important meal of the day. When you choose a healthy diverse breakfast meal, then you are giving your body a sufficient amount of energy source to be able to produce throughout the day with a clear concentrating mind. 


So try to have eggs and bacon for your breakfast meal to provide your body with the required fat and protein, which is essential for Keto Diet. Don’t repeat yourself by making the same dish every day. You can find various recipes for eggs and bacon which are tasty and interesting. 

If you love eating cereal in the morning, then go for the Keto-friendly types of cereals such as granola, high protein cereal or porridge as they are low sugar cereals and include both fibers and protein.


Hack #2: Substitute Starchy Carbs with Vegetarian Carbs:

Eating rice and pasta which are starchy kinds of carbohydrates has, of course, led to increase your weight and decrease your health.

You can use their substitutes by eating cauliflower rice and veggie pasta. These substitutes are healthier, Keto friendly and easily prepared.

If you want to prepare the cauliflower rice, you can just process the cauliflower in your food processor until it turns to that healthy cauliflower rice.

While preparing the veggie pasta which is made from zucchini by using the spiralizer, In a few minutes you can get a spiral pasta.


Hack #3: Don’t leave home without packing your own Lunch:

Prepare your own lunch by choosing the kinds of food you love. In the relaxing days, you can prepare a bunch of healthy meals and freeze them to be easier for you to grab them and go on the busy days. By this way you will avoid the full of carbohydrate foods which you will find in restaurants as well as saving your money since eating healthy homemade foods is way cheaper.


Hack #4: Enjoy Healthy snacking when you feel hungry:

When you feel hungry don’t stay this way for a long time because staying hungry will weaken your will easily. Always keep a Keto-friendly snack with you like nuts or seeds, but don’t overdo them because they are containing a moderate amount of carbs. 

Also if you are sugar craving, you can choose one of these delicious recipes of keto desserts.


Hack #5: Use Low-carb Flour:

Using Low-carb flour helps you to feel more satisfied while following Keto Diet without guilt feeling. There are healthy Keto-friendly types of flour such as Coconut flour and Almond Flour. 

These types of flour can be used to make keto-friendly bread or cakes or even chicken breading, but take care from overusing them as they may prevent your weight loss. 


Hack #6: Use More Vegetables:

Make it easier for yourself to open the fridge and grab something green to eat as a snack or as an appetizer beside your main dish. 

You can buy vegetables in bundles and store them in the fridge clean and pealed, also you can store them in Airfree boxes to keep them fresh for a longer time. 

By this way, it will be easier for you to increase your vegetable intake during the day and enjoy your fresh healthy full of vitamins meals.


Hack #7: Intermittent Fasting:

Going for intermittent fasting helps your body to improve its weight loss rate as well as having other benefits which you can get from fasting. But before starting this kind of diet you need to ask your doctor first.

Intermittent fasting is based on restricting the amount of calorie intake by staying for a long period of time around 10-16 hours in a day without having anything with calories in it. You can just have water during this period of time.

For the rest of the day, you can have standard keto meals. You can also check our articles about Intermittent Fasting as we have explained it and talked about its benefits in more detail. 


Hack #8: Enjoy living healthy without just focusing on food:

Living in a healthy way has so many aspects, not just having a healthy meal is an important thing. So if you have enough sleep, reduce your stress, exercise, stay positive, and be active. All of these things will contribute to your fitness goals and benefit your health in a marked.



Following Keto Diet doesn’t need to be so challenging or claim. You can make it fun and healthy at the same time. This can be reached by following the above tips and adding to them enjoying this life milestone. 

Enjoy your transformation to be a healthy active person and take good care of yourself by having enough sleep at night,  exercising to build muscles to have a stronger and more confident body no matter what is your gender or your age.