scale reading is not helpful in keto

Why You Should Ignore The Scale Reading While Following Keto

Many people measure their success and the efficiency of their diets according to the number they get when stepping on the scale, which is a big fat mistake. Scale reading is not the goal.

Since the number which appears on the scale doesn’t show the real success and the real results of your efforts while committing to a healthy meal plan. Here we are going to explain to you why you shouldn’t focus on your weight on the scale.


Scale reading changes for beginners in the Keto Diet:

For beginners during the first week of Keto, normally they notice a rapid weight loss which may reach to 3 kilos in just a few days after starting which is due to the water excretion. It’s due to cutting off the carbohydrate intake which makes the Keto Diet work as a diuretic diet. To explain this in a simple way, for each gram of carbohydrate you take, the body stores 3 grams of water. This is the reason for losing a good amount of this stored water when minimizing the carbohydrate intake and introducing fats instead as a source of fuel to be burnt to produce the energy for the body.

After the first 2 weeks in Keto, the body will get used to the new way of eating by adjusting itself so the stored glycogen will slowly refill which may show a slight amount of weight gain. But don’t worry about it as the body will not store them as fats also it’s not an indicator to any failure in your progress.


The reason after the fluctuations of the scale reading at the beginning of the Keto Diet:

When people begin their Keto Diet plan they normally experience a rapid weight loss which is known as the “Woosh Effect”. This effect happens due to the lost weight of the excreted water.

Later on, the body slows down and loses weight at a normal pace. This happens due to fat burning which happens when in Ketosis State. 

Losing fats is not a linear process so don’t get over obsessed by stepping on the scale on every single day. Instead, focus your concentration on the direction of your efforts by measuring the fat percentage in your body to know whether you are on the right track or not. You can do it every 2 weeks or even once in a month.

Make sure that you are burning your fats, not burning your muscles or reducing your bones density which may happen due to insufficient amount of protein intake. So you may find yourself losing weight but at the same time losing your strength and getting weaker. 

Take in consideration that scale measurement may be inaccurate:

If you step on the scale and find your weight doesn’t change for several days, don’t give up your hope because it’s not a true indication that you aren’t losing fats.


There are reasons for not losing weight while being more healthy:

    • Gaining muscle weight: If you are a beginner and you are not used to exercising for a while, you should expect that new muscle weight is added and even if you are sticking to a well-planned diet, your weight may stay fixed. So don’t worry as in this case it’s a good thing to happen.
    • Drinking a lot of water before stepping on the scale: some people succeed to drink 2 liters of water per day. If you step on the scale after drinking a lot of water may affect the scale measurement.
    • Muscles retain water: exercising not just grows the muscles larger but also retains water and glycogen.
    • Cheat days surely affect the scale measurements: If you recently had a cheat day by increasing your carbohydrate intake, it causes water retention in the body which will increase your weight on the scale.
    • Low-quality scale gives wrong readings: Those cheap scales give wrong and inaccurate readings so avoid stepping on them.
    • Constipation and difficulties in digestion: If you are suffering from constipation or facing difficulties in digestion this may cause storing food in the body, so don’t step on the scale until your body releases this stored food.



  • We advise you not to get obsessed with the scale readings as they may become misleading and not showing the real progress you reached.
  • Watch the difference in your clothes fitting size, if you find your body shrinking and your sizes are getting smaller then you can count on this indication as it’s much more real than the readings you get from the scale. 
  • Also, don’t rush the results. Long-term slow steady fat loss is healthier and more reliable results.
  • You can make periodic measurements of your body fat, muscles, water, and bone density in order to make sure you are on the right track and having a healthy and steady ketosis state.