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Keto Cheese Stuffed Bagels

Cheese Stuffed BagelsWho doesn’t miss having a hot bagel full of melted cheese while following a diet aiming to lose weight?! You can taste this joyful bagel in the morning as a quick breakfast or have it as a snack in the middle of your day. Even though it’s a simple meal but it is full of useful elements which will provide you with energy to go on and keep up the good progress of the day. Prep Time10 minCook Time30 minTotal Time40 minYield6Serving Size100gEnergy311 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseSnackCooking MethodBakingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet Ingredients400 gr of mozzarella cheese ½ cup of coconut [...]

Keto Spring Rolls

Roasted Lamb shankKeto Crispy spring rolls with melted cheese inside mixed with green olives, Isn’t that your dream snack while following a low-carb diet. Enjoy this easy spring rolls recipe prepared with healthy ingredients to make your meal more satisfying with no guilt feelingsPrep Time10 minCook Time15 minTotal Time25 minYield5 RollsServing Size100gEnergy290 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseAppetizerSnackCooking MethodFriedSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet Spring Rolls IngredientsFor The Spring Rolls:3 Egg whites3 tbsp of almond flour 1 tsp of chia seeds 1 tsp of thyme½ tsp of salt1 tbsp of water1 tsp of melted butter Olive oil for fryingFor The Filling:1 cup of mixed cheese (cheddar, [...]

Keto Buns

Keto BunsIf you are always in a hurry in the morning and you need to grab a sandwich on the run for the busy days. Here we are presenting you the best Fluffy Keto Buns which will satiate you with no guilt. You can fill them with eggs, cheese, peanut butter to make a healthy Keto-friendly sandwich. Also, you can fill it with Burgers or Shawerma to have a delicious sandwich for lunch. Read this recipe to learn how to make your own keto buns at home easily. Prep Time10 minCook Time45 minTotal Time55 minYield6 BunsServing Size50gEnergy179 calCuisineFrenchCourseBreakfastSnackCooking MethodBakingSuitable for [...]

Shrimp Salad

Shrimp SaladShrimp Salad is a classic meal. But also a timeless one. Our version of shrimp salad is quite different. We have refreshed this delicious meal with olives. Added a stronger taste by using pickles. We gave it a creamy feel using the healthy fat butter. With an extra touch of protein from eggs. And onions as a final spicy touch. Enjoy this diet-friendly shrimp salad. seafood fans can follow a perfect diet while eating what they love. Check out the rest of our delicious recipes and learn how to prepare some amazing diet-friendly alternatives to your favorite dishes. Add [...]

Avocado Salad

Avocado's SaladTotal Time10 minYield1 AvocadoServing Size100gEnergy1,168 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseAppetizerBreakfastSaladSnackSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet Ingredients1 can of tuna OR grilled chicken breast1/2 sliced avocado1 tsp of dijon mustard1 tsp of keto mayonnaisesmall pinch of salta hefty squirt of lemon1/2 chopped bell pepper1 boiled egg (optional) InstructionsPreparing The Lamb shank1 Put the tuna or chicken, avocados, bell pepper all together in a bowl. 2 Make the seasoning by adding the dijon to the mayonnaise and add a squirt of lemon and a pinch of black pepper and salt to taste. Nutrition FactsServing Size100gAmount per servingCalories1,168% Daily Value*Total Fat31 g39.74%Saturated Fat5 g25%Trans Fat0 gPolyunsaturated Fat6 [...]

Seafood Soup

Seafood SoupSeafood meals are always considered delicate and rich meals. Imagine starting your meal with having a bowl of hot soup filled with shrimps, calamari, mussels, and cream. This Seafood Soup you will never stop loving because of its richness and tastiness.Prep Time15 minCook Time20 minTotal Time35 minYieldPot of SoapServing Size1.0 Bowl(100g)Energy205 calCuisineItalianMediterraneanCourseSoupCooking MethodStewSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet Ingredients8 oz frozen calamari8 oz frozen shrimp8 oz frozen musselsA ¼ cup of salted butter2 cups of whipped cream5 cloves of garlic2 cups of chicken broth ( you can use seafood quart broth plus 2 cups of boiling water)1 tsp of salt1 [...]

Keto Bread

Keto BreadThis easily prepared and super quick keto bread is considered to be the Keto hack which will help you to have a satisfying breakfast without the headache of baking and waiting for a long time to have a piece of bread. In the meanwhile, it’s tasty and can be stored up to 2 days.Prep Time10 minCook Time15 minTotal Time25 minYield10 SlicesServing Size100gEnergy333 calCuisineFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseAppetizerBreakfastSnackCooking MethodBakingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalVeganVegetarianKetogenic Diet Ingredients2 Tbsp of almond flour.1 Tbsp of chia seeds flour.2 eggs.1 Tsp of baking powder.1 Tbsp of olive oil.2 Tbsp of almond milk.Pinch of salt, garlic powder, and some freshly chopped [...]