keto for seniors

6 Benefits Of Keto For Seniors To Overcome Common Age Diseases

While speaking about the Keto diet and how it has a positive effect on the health and the body, the first question knocks our minds, What about our dear seniors? 

The answer is Yes! Why not. Actually Keto can help in fixing so many age problems. Bone fragility, joint inflammation, insulin resistance are classified as age diseases that can be cured by following a Keto diet.

Being 65+ years old doesn’t mean that necessarily you will have to live in pain and suffering for the rest of your life. It’s great to know that you and your beloved ones still have the chance to live healthily while enjoying your golden years. Let’s discover in this article what are the benefits of Keto if followed by seniors. 

How Ketosis Can Reduce The Declining Rate Of Seniors Health:

We can’t neglect the fact that by age the functions of the human body decrease gradually. We can reverse this fact or at least slow it down to a good extent by choosing an optimum meal plan diet. 

Keto diet works on improving most age diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, bone strength, and joint inflammation. This happens by restricting the unhealthy carb intake and choosing instead of clean carbohydrate sources. Moderating the levels of protein helps in preventing the transformation of the excess amounts of proteins into carbohydrates which is stored as fats in the body. 

Keto diet means consuming high saturated clean fats while reducing carbohydrates to the minimum level and moderating the levels of protein. This works on transforming the metabolism system from burning carbs to burning both fat intake as well as the stored fats in the body.

The Main Benefits Of Keto Affecting Seniors Health:

Seniors have common concerns they usually face after the 50s. These concerns are as follows:

Bone Strength: 

By the time the bone density reduces and bones become more fragile. The common solution presented for the elder ones that they need to drink more milk and consume food products rich in Calcium. It’s obvious that this solution is not a real solution for the bones problem as well as it’s not an effective one. The countries having the highest rates of Osteoporosis -which is the decreased bone density to become more fragile- are the same countries with the highest rates of consuming Calcium full diaries. 

This means that for getting healthier and stronger bones you need to follow a kind of diet that is full of all the important micronutrients. Keto diet meal plan includes the most important micronutrients which have positive effects on bone health.

Joint Inflammation:

Aging is always accompanied with pains in joints or pains due to previous injuries. In these conditions following Keto diet can help in promoting joint inflammation since ketosis state reduces the production of Cytokines substance.

Insulin Resistance:

Unfortunately, most of the elder people are overweight. Additionally, they are suffering from insulin resistance problems and treated like diabetes. Diabetes is a serious disease, especially with seniors. It may cause blindness, kidney disease, and many other problems. Usually, these problems come out by age due to high glucose levels in the blood. 

One of the most benefits a person can get from Keto is lowering the glucose levels and improving insulin resistance. This happens due to restricting all the harmful sources of carbohydrates and just consuming a very low amount of clean sources of carbs. 

Improves Memory And Brain Conditions:

Another remarkable benefit of Keto is that it promotes the brain functions and brings to you mental clearance.

A brain that depends on sugar as a source of energy is exposed to more mood swings that occur according to levels of glucose in the blood. 

Stopping to depend on sugar and removing it from the daily routine, in the beginning, may cause feeling unwell and lightheaded, but the good news is that these symptoms disappear in a short time. After getting used to depriving your body of sugar and depending on the Ketone bodies to produce energy for the body, the Ketone bodies supply the brain with the essential food to protect it from lasting damage due to low blood sugar which is known as “ Hypo-glycemia”. 

Deficiency Of Important Nutrients:

There are very important nutrients which are very critical for the elderly citizens which affect their wellbeing like:

  • Fats
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron

Following the Keto diet means that you are eating clean for a good period of time. The source of your meals is high-quality animal proteins accompanied by clean sources of fats and carbs. This kind of diet plan surely provides your body with those essential nutrients.

Keto Meal Plan Reduces Aging Process:

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between the effect of a junk meal on a young person and the effect of the same meal on a senior?

Do you think that both of them would receive this meal the same way? Will their bodies react to it the same reaction?

The answer is, of course not. Actually a senior needs more healthy nutrients included in fewer amounts of calories. Seniors and young people both need the same amount of nutrients and vitamins. In the meantime, the digestive system of a senior is more sensitive and less resilient than a young person’s. 

This means that a senior’s food intake should be taken care of without consuming lots of useless calories like having high-carb meals. Instead, they need to increase their protein and fat for overall better health.



When it comes to health and being stronger, then starting today is better than tomorrow. Get ready for your future years with a well functioning body by following a Keto diet. 

Even if you weren’t so careful in the previous years, Keto can work on fixing the damages for seniors.  

Keto benefits are numerous as it improves the blood sugar levels, works on resisting high blood pressure, promotes immunity, strengthens bone density and reduces joint inflammation. These are the most common problems seniors face by aging which can be repaired by following the Keto diet consequently they don’t need to live their golden years with no pain or agony.