overcome depression with keto diet

Overcome Depression With No Medications: How Keto Positively Affect Mental Health?

“ In 2014, 19.7% of people in the UK aged 16 and over showed symptoms of anxiety or depression – a 1.5% increase from 2013. This percentage was higher among females (22.5%) than males (16.8%). “ these statistics stated by the Measuring National Wellbeing Life In the UK in 2016. Can you overcome depression with keto?

Mental health gained more attention in the last decades. This is due to the increasing numbers of people suffering from mental health illnesses. Depressive episodes became longer and more common among UK citizens. 


For those who crave sugars in order to feel better wishing for relief during a depressive episode. Don’t worry, this is a natural feeling which happens due to the drop of cortisol in the brain. 

Be aware that this is not the best way to relieve your stress as these sugar cravings have negative consequences on your health. 


Here we are presenting the optimum way to fight depression. Moreover, you are going to have a better mood, a clear mind, positive energy and a higher level of self-confidence.


Ketones Replacing Sugar:

In normal cases, the body burns carbohydrates which work as fuel to produce its required energy for the daily tasks. While in Ketosis state the body burns the stored fats in addition to the fat intake which is included in the Keto high-fat meal plan. The body produces Ketone bodies when in Ketosis state, which works as a fuel for the body and the brain as well instead of sugar and carbohydrates. 

Insulin levels drop to a lower level in Ketosis state as a result of reducing carbohydrate intake to the minimum level to range between 20 to 50 gms per day. This amount of carb is the optimum amount of carb intake for a person to get a healthier body.


Effect Of Ketosis On Mental Health:

Scientists made experiments and tests to compare the mental health of two groups of people, the first group where following Keto Diet for at least six weeks and the second group were following a traditional low-carb diet. The Keto dieters experienced a more positive mental state. 


The human body needs either glucose or ketone bodies to get its energy. When the body depends on glucose as a source of energy, the body goes through lots of mood swings due to the fluctuations of glucose levels in the blood. On the other hand, when the body depends on ketones as a source of energy, which is a steady source, mental health becomes more stable and positive.


Ketosis Improves Happiness Levels:

Serotonin Hormone is the hormone responsible for happiness. When the level of Serotonin inclines the brain experiences higher levels of joy. 

When the blood sugar increases the serotonin level crashes causing a state of depression. Also, high levels of blood sugar result in other health risks like obesity and Diabetes

A high-fat, Low-carb diet plan is never accompanied by those kinds of health risks. 


Ketosis For Brain Wellbeing:

“Fats are Dangerous and may cause heart diseases”. For a long time, nutritionists and researchers stated this mindset which later on was proven to be wrong. On the contrary, consuming healthy unsaturated clean fats provides the body with lots of benefits. 


A high-fat diet plan should include just healthy unsaturated fats like green-fed butter, bone broth, avocado, virgin olive oil, etc. These types of fats benefit the whole body and especially the brain since the brain consists of 75% fat. Consuming high fat, low carb food intake is essential for optimizing brain functions.

Fats For Stress Relief:

Feeling stressed has a certain way to be fixed in the Keto diet. There are some types of fats that can be instantly converted into Ketones by the liver. This helps in improving the mood state and works as a stress relief. 

Actually fats are made of triglyceride chains of carbons. When these chains are shorter the liver converts fats into Ketone bodies faster which boosts the brain status.

You can find these types of fats in cream and butter, which you can consume in stress periods to improve your mental state. 

There are other types of fats like medium-chain fatty acids and long-chain fatty acids. 


You can also use the medium-chain fatty acids to fix your stress as well as the short-chain fatty acids. These medium-chain fatty acids are like coconut oil, MCT oil, and butter. 

While the long-chain fatty acids take longer time to produce ketones by the liver. The main sources of long-chain fatty acids are nuts and seeds, Keto-friendly vegetables and fatty proteins.

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Conclusion: You can overcome depression with keto

We should all agree that psychological problems, they don’t have a rule or a fixed way of treatment. Every person has his own case with its own details which requires a unique way of treatment. 

Keto diet was originally invented and applied to people who suffer from Epilepsy, and it was found to be an effective way to improve their mental health and their brain wellbeing.


When we come to depression issue we find that Keto has the best conditions which could effectively help in overcoming negative feelings like the blues, losing hope, stop caring, feeling down and apathy.