mistakes in keto diet

9 Common Mistakes In Keto Diet

During a keto diet it is crucial to get the most out of everything you eat. little mistakes in keto diet can happen and even the most committed to the diet sometimes fall victims to some common mistakes. Let’s clarify and learn how to avoid mistakes in a Keto diet:

The Common Mistakes In Keto Diet:

1- Doing Keto without intermittent fasting:

If you are following a keto diet but ignoring the importance of intermittent fasting then you are losing its benefits of fixing the insulin resistance and lowers it which helps you in losing weight, since every time you eat you increase the insulin levels in your body. If you follow Keto Diet without doing intermittent fasting you may not lose weight especially if you eat more than 3 times per day.

2- Eating even if you are not feeling hungry:

Do you know that when you were sleeping you were burning fats while sleeping?!  If you wake up in the morning and you still don’t feel hungry yet you ate, by this you have increased the insulin levels in your body which cause to stop your body from burning more fats. So Don’t Eat Unless You Feel Hungry.

3- Eating lots of protein:

The best thing to do when you are having your meal is to start with having your enough amounts of fats and vegetables then having a moderate amount of protein, since when you eat extra amount of protein by this way you are increasing insulin in your body which makes losing weight slower. The only case we can call as an exception is if you are 18 years old and your metabolism is super high which will not be affected if you get more of protein.

4- Neglecting vegetables:

When you don’t get your enough amounts of vegetables every single day which is about 6 to 10 cups of vegetables per day then you are depriving yourself of the most important electrolytes your body needs which is Potassium. Potassium is necessary because it forms the protein on your body parts which regulates the heart and muscles. Also in order to flush over the fats coming over the liver you need to get plenty of vegetables included in your daily nutrient intake.

5- Stepping on the scale or using ketoStix every day:

Some people follow Keto Diet they find their body shape changing to better but when stepping on the scale they find themselves not losing weight. We are telling those people, Please! Don’t Panic. Because you are doing a great job. You are losing fats and creating muscles instead, which has more weight than fats. That’s why it might not appear on the scale. You may just compare your waist size by using your old jeans and see if your waist is shrinking and your size getting smaller. Also concentrating on using the KetoStix is not the right thing to do, as you may be using your Ketones for producing more energy which will not appear in your urine while using the KetoStix.

6- Not getting the required amount of fat:

You have to be careful about the amount of fat you are consuming. Getting too much fat it may load the liver and the gallbladder with fats and it may cause you some pain in your right shoulder. While if you get a little amount of fat you may not be able to make it to the next meal as you will be hungry and not satisfied.

7- Getting an extra amount of carbohydrates:

It may slow down your weight loss rates so take care of the carbohydrate amounts you take during the day and of course choose the healthy and Keto friendly kinds of carbohydrates.

8- Neglecting Minerals and supplements:

Don’t ignore taking your daily minerals and supplements like magnesium which helps in regulating digestion process and relaxing you intestines and multivitamins which provides your body with the important elements you may be not able to take them from eating. This tip is not just for Keto Followers it should be done by everybody, as all of us, we forget to concentrate on our health and look for what we eat and not eat. So following this routine will help your body to stay healthy and strong.

9- Worrying about cholesterol levels:

Keto Diet’s main benefit is that it releases the fats from fat cells. It means releasing triglycerides and cholesterol which increases the levels of blood in your body. We can explain this process in another detailed article so keep following BrightDiet.co.uk to understand the benefits of Keto Diet.


You are the best one who will decide the best for yourself. So when it comes to your health don’t hesitate to start and take the first step for the new fresh start.