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6 Main Reasons For Not Losing Weight With Keto Diet

Some people start following Low-carb Diets like Ketogenic Diet, but they experience weight stability without understanding the reasons which cause this stability. If you are a Keto Diet beginner and you are asking yourself why am I not losing weight? 

Here in Brightdiet.co.uk, we will help you find the answer to this question.


The Reasons for Weight Stability:


Not Enough Exercising:

When you start following Keto Diet, it’s highly recommended to add an exercising course to your daily routine. Exercising helps the body to improve its metabolism to burn more fats to work as a fuel to produce energy for the body. This leads to noticeable weight loss.

Also exercising reduces the Keto-flu symptoms to appear in the first one or two weeks. Adding a strength exercise routine helps your body to burn more overall calories during exercise and even during resting. 

So if you are following Keto Diet we advise you to set an exercising routine 2 to 3 times per week in order to witness an obvious weight loss.


You are Eating Low-Quality Nutrient Foods:

It’s not enough to just follow a Low-carb, High-fat meal plan. If your meals are not full of quality nutrients then you’re wasting your efforts. Eating processed foods, vegetable oils, and sausages in Keto may make you reach the required amount of fat intake but it’s not necessarily will be helping you to lose weight.

Eating high-quality nutritious meals like grass-fed butter, grass-fed proteins, avocado oil, macadamia oil and these kinds of organic healthy clean food helps your body to lose so much weight without feeling weak or powerless, as these kinds of foods are full of vitamins and minerals.


Exceeding Your Required Amount of Calories Intake:

When you are deciding to start Keto Diet, then you will have to minimize your calorie intake. Deciding just to eat clean is totally not enough for you to lose weight. You should calculate your required amount of calories per day by using a calorie calculator application. 

In order to lose weight, you will need to reach a calorie deficit, which means your body will not find enough calorie intake to burn so it will tend to burn the stored fats to produce its energy. 

By this means the body will lose weight in a healthy way.

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Using Too Many Fats:

Some Keto Beginners when starting Keto they overdo eating fats. This may cause the body to gain weight instead of losing weight. When you start Keto Diet you should take care of measuring your macros by calculating your calorie intake, especially for the fats calories. 

One gram of fat has 9 calories in it, While Carbohydrates and Proteins have 4 calories in one gram of each. So eating more than the needed amount of fats may lead to weight gain.

You have to keep in mind that your goal is to lose weight and this will happen only when your body experiences calorie deficit, which will be achieved by calculating the micronutrients.


Carbohydrates Out of Control:

Losing weight in keto diet requires you to count your carbs. As we mentioned before, the importance of measuring micronutrients is crucial when it comes to the Keto Diet. If you are consuming too many carbohydrates then expect the stability of your weight. 

Take care of the hidden carbohydrates which are found in dairy, vegetable, and nuts. When using these kinds of food you should be careful and remember you are on a low-carb diet which means that your carbohydrates should be under 50 grams per day in order to reach your desired goal of losing weight.


Insufficient Sleeping and Stress:

When the body is deprived of sufficient sleep and exposed to stress there is a hormone known as Cortisol increases its levels. This hormone is related to storing fats in the body. 

People who follow low-carb calorie deficit diets but they suffer from lack of sleep and chronically stressed, this can lead to the unwanted gain of weight.

Also, lack of sleep may increase hunger hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin. 

When the body have a good sleep and a relaxed state the Leptin resistance tends to be lower. This leads to minimizing hunger and craving feelings, especially when you are following a low-carb, high-fat diet. Since the body will be satisfied enough and there will be less need for continuous demand for food. 



If you are a Keto beginner and you do not feel happy with the results you are getting, you should start on following these tips to start losing weight in keto diet.

We advise you to monitor your calorie intake, the quality and quantity of your food, get enough sleep during the night and try to be away from stressful things.

Following these tips is the shortest way to live a healthy productive life.