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Reasons To Choose Keto Diet: Keto For Beginners

Keto Diet is a low-carb diet that not only aims for losing weight but also has so many health benefits on heart health, mental health, blood sugar levels, and even skin and hair health. Bur is keto for beginners as easy as it sounds?

Following the Ketogenic diet will help you lose weight effectively without hunger or starving yourself. Also following the Keto diet will transform your body from a carb-burner into fat-burner to produce the energy needed for your daily tasks.


Keto Diet Definition:

When the blood sugar is short in supply, your body tends to produce small molecules from the liver to work as an alternative fuel source for the body to produce energy. These molecules are Ketone Bodies. 

Eating high amounts of carbs, as well as proteins, can be easily broken into blood sugar which spikes the levels of insulin in the blood. That’s why when restricting the carb intake and bring the protein intake to a moderate level, this causes the insulin levels to drop down to be an insufficient source of energy. 

High fat intake induces the Ketones’ production by the liver. These Ketone bodies work as a source of fuel for the whole body and especially for the brain.


From this perspective, the word Ketogenic diet came. It’s the process of transforming the metabolism of the body from a carb burner into a fat burner.


How To Enter Ketosis State?

Ketosis state is the state when your body starts to produce Ketone bodies which will help your body to get its energy from burning fats.

In order to reach the Ketosis state, you need to minimize your carbohydrate intake to be lower than 20 grams net carb. The fewer carb you take the faster to enter Ketosis state. 

Counting your Carbohydrate will help you to make sure you are not exceeding the required amount of carbs needed per day. This counting may be required just in the first 2 weeks of your low-carb meal plan. Later on, there will be no need for carb counting since your stomach will get used to the new amounts and your appetite will be less than before.


In order to enter Ketosis State you need to know what is preferred to eat and what is preferred to avoid in Keto:


Preferred To Eat:

Fats ————————->  0 net carb/100g included

Proteins———————–> 0 net carb/100g included 

Cheese ———————–> 1 net carb/100g included

Overground Vegetables—————> 1- 5 net carb/100g included                  


Preferred To Avoid: 

Fruits———– 6-20 net carb/100g included 

Underground vegetables————> 15 net carb/100g included

Pasta and rice ————> 25-30 net carb/100g included

Bread and Bakings—————-> 46-50 net carb/100g included

Soda and juice —————> 50 net carb/100g included

Chocolate and candy————–> 60-70 net carb/100g included


Keto Diet = Fewer Hunger Feelings:

Following the Keto diet will help you to control your cravings and also will reduce hunger feelings during the day. Keto diet makes losing weight become easier and more effective as the amounts of food you need to take drops to a lower level. One of the main benefits of Keto that it makes intermittent fasting so much easier, which has a significant effect on your weight loss rates. 


This privilege also works on reversing Diabetes type 2 in a super effective way, besides the other Keto benefits which can obviously be reflected in your health.


Keto Diet = Focus & Mental Clarity:

When the body has a carbohydrate source of fuel to produce energy, this may cause lots of mood swings due to the variations of blood sugar levels. While in Ketosis you have a constant source of fuel which is Ketones providing your body with a constant level of energy. In this case, your brain will experience better concentration levels and resolution of brain fogginess. 


Some people just choose Keto as their diet plan to get this state of mind clearance and energetic feeling while performing their daily tasks. 


Keto Diet = Relaxed Stomach:

Reducing the levels of Carbohydrate intake, as well as choosing the healthy and clean sources of carb result with having a relaxed calmer stomach. This type of low-carb diet leads to fewer cramps, less gas and fewer stomach pains helping you to live your life fresh and happy with no annoyances.


Conclusion: Keto for beginners is not that difficult

A keto diet is a kind of diet that you can have as a lifestyle not for a temporary period of time to just lose some weight. 

You can follow it for better health and higher performance. It will take you to the place where you won’t bother yourself about you are going to eat or when you should eat. 

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