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9 Steps To Get Into Ketosis State

Reaching ketosis state is a simple and straightforward process but because of all the information out there, it may seem confusing. Here are the main points you should know about keto.


  1. Restrict carbohydrates: lots of people would think that just minimizing their carbohydrates intake is enough to lose weight. In order to get a better result, focus on restricting both net carbs and total carbs. Try to stay below 25g net carbs and 35g total carbs per day.
  2. Minimize protein intakeToo much protein may cause lower levels of ketosis which of course will affect the rate of losing weight.
  3. Enjoy fatty mealsIncreasing your fats intake is the main key of the ketogenic diet as it increases the ketone bodies not to mention it’s the main source of energy in your diet, so make sure you feed your body with enough fats as losing weight wouldn’t be reached by starvation.
  4. Keep hydrated: Drink water as much as you can during the day and stay consistent with the amount of water you take, keeping yourself hydrated not just help in regulating many vital bodily functions but it also helps in controlling hunger level.
  5. Reduce snacking as much as you can: having lots of snacks during the day will cause 2 consequences. The 1st,  it will slow the rate of losing weight and the 2nd it will increase your insulin spikes during the day which will decrease the level of ketosis.
  6. Fasting: Start fasting for long hours. Fasting stimulates the ketone bodies to be produced and help your body to lose weight easier.
  7. Go to the gym or take a walk: We all know that exercising is healthy and helps the body to lose weight in a healthy way. 20-30 mins/day would be enough if you exercise. Even a small walk would regulate weight loss and blood sugar levels.
  8. Don’t forget your supplementsIt would be of a great help if you add supplements like necessary minerals (most important potassium and magnesium). Also, multivitamins help your body to be healthier.
  9. Read the ingredients: when you buy your groceries try to read first the ingredients of what you are buying, if you find any of the “not to eat” included don’t get it.. also you can use the ingredients information to know what is the amount of fats, proteins, and carbs in this meal. You should define the keto friendly products that you can use in your diet.

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