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Steps To Taper Off Anti-Depressants With Keto Diet

Can you actually become happier with keto? In the world of psychiatry, there are two ways of treatment for depression. The first school doesn’t prefer to induce any kind of medication. It just aims for enhancing the patient’s style of life by introducing new positive habits like optimizing the ways of eating, encouraging positive perceptions of different situations and improving the quality of sleep.


While the second school recommends the usage of medications which work on inhibition of brain chemistry besides improving the quality of life.


Both schools are effective and efficient. Each one of them is built on credited research and real experiments. Every Psychiatric sufferer is individual and every person has his own tolerance and responses. 


That’s why before starting Keto while going through a depression episode, there are some important issues that we should discuss. 

Essential Body Tests Before Starting Keto:

In case you decide to start following the Keto diet, then first you need to make some medical tests in order to track your body. This will help us to find the reasons causing weight gain, knowing the state of heart, cholesterol level, etc 


The Main Tests Required before starting:

  1. Fasting Lipid Panel which determines the levels of HDL and Triglycerides. 
  2. Fasting total insulin level.
  3. To track your electrolytes and glucose levels you need to make a fasting comprehensive metabolic panel. 
  4. If taking medications like antidepressants then it’s important to test any blood levels relevant. 


How To Deal With Antidepressants & Keto?

Although following Keto diet has a positive impact on brain chemistry, but you should understand that Keto may affect the way you respond to antidepressant medications. 


That’s why we highly recommend you to visit your prescribing physician and let him know your intention about starting Keto. If your doctor already knows about Keto then it would be a bonus point for you. In case your doctor doesn’t know about Keto, it would be preferable if you include a nutritionist in your team in order to make sure that you are taking safe steps towards your mental health. 


Following an antidepressant course if not an insignificant matter. Even if you feel better and started to think that you don’t need your medications anymore. Don’t quit them so quick without consulting your doctor and plan together how you are going to stop taking them gradually. 

It’s important to know that a sudden quit for antidepressants may lead to life-threatening risk. 


How To Taper Off Antidepressant Medications?

First, you should know that it’s not an option to think about tapering off your medications before at least 2 months since starting Keto diet. 


Following Keto diet is not just an efficient way to lose weight, have a clear mind, starting to live in a healthier way, but also increases the Serotonin hormone levels in the blood which is responsible for the mental health of the brain. When the level of Serotonin increases, it means that this person is happier and his mental health is in good condition. 


In case you and your physician agreed on tapering off the medications, this tapering will take a while and it should be gradual to avoid any negative consequences.


Another point to put into consideration while tapering off your meds. In case you are on more than one medication, start with stopping just one of them in the beginning. After at least 6 weeks start to back down on the second one. This will help you to know easily the effect of tapering off each one of them.

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Conclusion: You can become happier with keto diet.

Following Keto Diet can work as a mood stabilizer diet. When the body depends on Ketones as a source for its energy instead of high-calorie foods, this prevents the mood fluctuations which are caused by sugar changing levels in the blood. 

In case you are on antidepressants and you started to feel you don’t need them anymore. You should first consult your doctor about tapering off your medications. Second, you should stop them gradually in line with your doctor visits to follow up with you the developments which have occurred while tapering off your meds.