weight loss as a father and how it helped me live better

I decided to lose weight to play with my kids

My story is somehow funny, but I believe it happened a lot with other men like me. I want you to know how i succeeded to lose my extra weight 


How did I reach the weight loss decision

I am a father of four kids so this means that my wife got pregnant and became heavier four times. Every time she got pregnant she gained weight and I gained the same weight as much as her. In my opinion, a wife is a reason if the family members are healthy and fit or not. Come on! She is the one who is feeding us. Ok! I am kidding, of course, it’s not her fault. Thanks to her she brought me those adorable kids.


My extra weight is my responsibility, but I have always been so busy and not seriously willing to lose this weight. I have reached to be 125 KGs with the age of 33 years old. But I felt like I am 65 years old. My back and knees started to hurt like hell and I felt like I can’t enjoy playing with my kids.


Until a close friend, he is a physiotherapist, introduced Ketogenic Diet to me, he told me that it’s the best way to lose this weight. I started to search and read about Keto diet and while searching if found Brightdiet.co.uk which helped me in a smooth way to understand what’s keto and how to follow it.


They gave me the easy steps to be a Keto follower. bright diet team helped me a lot during my weight loss journey, every time I needed their advice they helped me pleasantly and encouraged me a lot.


Frankly speaking what made me feel I am ready to commit to this kind of diets that it has a wide variety of food and not to have to starve myself to lose weight. Now I managed to reach 94 KGs and I am still on Keto Diet as I started to believe that it can be a lifestyle not just a diet with the aim of losing weight. It’s a healthy way to live with.