5 Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee With Keto Diet

Have you ever imagined that you can turn your morning coffee as a fat burner? Is coffee in keto diet a thing can help in losing weight?

Yes! This is applicable with Keto Diet as you can make every bite of your food and every sip your drink count.

Here in, we are introducing to you the Keto-friendly coffee and we will speak about its benefits.



In a Brief, What is Keto Diet?


Keto Diet is a shorter term of the Ketogenic Diet. This diet is a high-fat, low-carb kind of diet. When the body consumes carbohydrates like sugars, rice, and bread the liver start to produce insulin which provides the body with its energy, but the excess carbohydrates are stored in the body in the form of fats. 

While in Keto Diet the high-fats, low-carb intake makes the liver produces ketone bodies instead of insulin. These Ketone Bodies work as a fuel to produce energy of the body by burning the body fats. 



The Importance of Coffee in the Keto Diet


Some people literally can’t start their day without having their morning coffee. Luckily in Keto Diet, you just aren’t going to enjoy taking your daily dosage of caffeine, but also you can drink it in a way that aids the breakdown of the body fats. 


Now We are Presenting You Several Ways to Prepare Your Cup of Coffee


There are different ways to prepare your own coffee from which you can choose your favorite:


Black Coffee: This is the best option if you are following Keto Diet since it contains zero calories. It has no sugar, no creamer added which makes it a Keto-friendly cup of coffee.


Coffee with Keto Creamer: If you don’t like plain coffee while you can’t use milk in Keto since it contains lactose. Then you can add Keto-friendly creamers like almond creamer or coconut creamer into your coffee.


Coffee with MCT Oil: You can add to your coffee MCT oil which is derived from coconut oil. This oil helps in improving the performance of the body during exercising and also improves the production of Ketone bodies which helps in losing more weight.


Coffee with Grass-fed Butter: Adding this kind of butter even though it’s a little bit weird but it adds healthy benefits to your coffee. This kind of butter includes more Omega-6 fatty acid 5 times more than other kinds of butter, which aids in burning the fats of the body.


Coffee with Natural Sweeteners: If you just want to drink your coffee added to it some sugar to get the taste you love of coffee, Then you can use sugar alternatives which are keto-friendly like sugar-free syrups and nonsugar sweeteners. Those kinds of sugars don’t work on increasing the insulin levels in the blood which is important in Keto Diet. 

Take care while buying these kinds of sugars if they include any artificial sweeteners or high level of carbohydrates. 



Being on Keto Diet doesn’t mean to deprive yourself of what you love. You are just fixing your way of eating. Coffee is healthy by itself but adding sugars to it makes it unhealthy. 

You can find our recipe of Bulletproof Coffee. It’s a delicious, rich and Keto friendly cup of coffee which you will really enjoy!