keto diet fighting cancer

Effect Of Keto On Fighting Cancer

Ketogenic Diet may become an obligatory diet for cancer patients as it should be followed by them to weaken the cancer cells by starving them.

Cancer cells feed on carbohydrates like sugars and flour. Since keto diet is a very low carb diet, the cells go to starvation state. In this starvation state the lack of carbs weakens them. This works as a catalyst to the immunity system against cancer cells development.

When we feed our bodies with high carbohydrate levels we are personally destroying our natural defenses while empowering these cells. This happens everyday by giving them sugar and unhealthy types of carbohydrates.

The Effect Of Carbs On Cancer Cells:

When we crave for something includes sugar we never hesitate to consume those amounts with, before and after every meal we eat everyday. While the contrary should be done as sugars and carbohydrates should be rarely included in our daily meals.

One century ago, the average consumption of an individual was around 5 pounds of sugar/year. While today the average consumption of sugars by an individual is about 150 pounds/year. “One can of [soda] has enough sugar to shut down 50% of our immune system for a minimum of 4 hours.” this quote was written by Dr.Bob Wright the founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute.

This means that when we use sugar in our meals it causes our immunity system cells to be unable to protect the body against these cells. Since its efficiency decreases from 50% to 70% lower due to the added sugar. It restrains our white blood cell’s ability to kill the bad cells in our body by 90% for several hours.


At the end we concluded that sticking to a Ketogenic diet can become a remarkable hope for patients. Minimizing carbohydrates and starch, while eating instead healthy fats and normal amounts of proteins would effectively starve the cancer cells. This could be used as a protection and even a treatment against cancer cells.