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Enjoy new ideas of keto meals.

Reasons for Not Losing Weight in Keto

  Some people start following Low-carb Diets like Ketogenic Diet but they experience weight stability without understanding the reasons which cause this stability. If you are a Keto Diet beginner and you are asking yourself why am I not losing weight?  Here in we will help you find the answer to this question.   The Reasons of the Weight Stability:   Not Enough Exercising: When you start following Keto Diet, it’s highly recommended to add an exercising course to your daily routine. Exercising helps the body to improve its metabolism to burn more fats to work as a fuel […]

Cheese Broccoli Sandwich

Cheese Broccoli SandwichThese components are astonishingly delicious when mixed together to make like two cheese broccoli buns. You can enjoy having them stuffed with bacon, pastrami, or sausage to get a full meal which is extremely delicious, satisfying and healthy as a breakfast or a snack to provide you with energy and power to make your day more productive and lessen cravings throughout the day.Prep Time15 minCook Time15 minTotal Time30 minYield2 SandwichesServing Size1 SandwichEnergy750 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseBreakfastSnackCooking MethodBroilingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet IngredientsFor The Broccoli 1 large head of broccoli (grated)3 eggs1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese 2 cloves of minced garlic [...]

Pastrami Keto Pizza

Pastrami Keto PizzaThis Pizza recipe is one of the best Pizza recipes you can ever try on keto. We have made so many trials to reach a real pizza dough which you will really enjoy while eating. Topped with cheese and pastrami sided with hot Sriracha sauce to have a satisfying yet extraordinary flavor. Prep Time15 minCook Time45 minTotal Time1 hrYield6 Slices of PizzaServing Size1 SliceEnergy334 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseMain CourseSnackCooking MethodRoastingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet IngredientsPizza sauce:2 Tbsp of tomato paste2 chopped tomatoes 4 garlic Pinch of oregano¼ tsp of paprika ¼ tsp of black pepper¼ tsp of salt¼ tsp of fresh [...]

Keto Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower pizzaDo you miss a cheesy dip snack? Easy to prepare, hot and delicious cheesy Cauliflower Pizza is the perfect snack sided with your preferred choice of keto-friendly sauce makes the perfect combo for your tastes. Prep Time10 minCook Time30 minTotal Time40 minYield1 Medium PizzaServing Size100gEnergy210 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseAppetizerBreakfastMain CourseCooking MethodBakingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalLow CalorieKetogenic Diet Ingredients2 cauliflower florets2 large eggs2 minced garlic50 g. Mozzarella cheese50 g. Parmesan cheese½ tsp of salt½ tsp of black pepperPinch of dried thymePinch of paprika InstructionsPreparing The Pizza1 Start with grating the cauliflower florets, finely grated. 2 In a large bowl put the grated cauliflower then [...]

Ground Beef and Egg With Asparagus

Ground Beef and Egg With AsparagusA fork full mix of warm juicy eggs with crispy bites of asparagus will take your breakfast to the next level of tastinessPrep Time7 minCook Time10 minTotal Time17 minYield1.0 PortionServing Size1.0 PortionEnergy820 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseBreakfastDinnerCooking MethodPan CookSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet Ingredients3 oz Ground beef1 Egg4 small mushrooms1 tsp of butter1 tsp of olive oil6 asparagus spears1 tbsp of mozzarella cheese1 tbsp of parmesan cheese2 cloves of garlic1 lemon InstructionsPreparing The Ground Beef and Egg1 In a small pan, add 1 tsp of butter, use left-overs of ground beef or cook it any way you prefer.  2 [...]

Keto Poached egg with Broccoli

Poached egg with BroccoliRan out of breakfast ideas? You have got bored with the traditional egg breakfast? This poached eggs with broccoli worth your try to enjoy a new healthy egg breakfast full of the essential vitamins to help you start the day actively and energeticPrep Time10 minCook Time10 minTotal Time20 minYield1 Egg with ProccoliServing Size1.0 Egg with ProccoliEnergy200 calCuisineAmericanFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseBreakfastCooking MethodBoilingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalLow CalorieKetogenic Diet Ingredients1 Egg1 Broccoli spear2 Cloves of garlic1 or 2 cuts of pastrami 1 Tsp butterPinch of saltPinch of pepper1 lemon 1 tsp of lemon zestParmesan cheese Fresh thyme (optional) InstructionsPreparing The Egg With Broccoli1 [...]

Burger Wrap With Mushroom

Burger Wrap With MushroomThis burger recipe has nailed them all. Our homemade healthy delicious burger wrap will satisfy your needs enough so You don't need to crave for burgers anymore while you're on diet. Just go and follow these steps to get this heavenly delicious burger wrap topped with this creamy mushroom sauce. Enjoy every bite of this mouthwatering mushroom and cheese burger wrap.Prep Time1 hr 30 minCook Time30 minTotal Time2 hrYield7 Burger PattiesServing Size120gmEnergy400 calCuisineAmericanMediterraneanMexicanCourseMain CourseCooking MethodDrillingSuitable for DietDiabeticGluten FreeHalalKetogenic Diet IngredientsFor Patties:16 Oz Ground Beef1 Whole Egg1 Minced Onion1 Cup Almond Flour1 Tsp Black Pepper1 Tsp Salt½ Tsp [...]

Pesto Sauce

Pesto SauceThe smell of fresh basil while making Italian Pesto sauce can turn your day to a better one. This delicious sauce can be added on grilled chicken breasts if you are on Keto Or on pasta if you're not. It has an unforgettable taste which will make you feel you are in an Italian restaurant in Rome. Give it a try with no regrets with the Keto diet. Add it to grilled chicken breasts or even chicken made with butter. With Keto don't worry about having little more fat.Prep Time10 minCook Time10 minTotal Time20 minYieldSmall BowlServing Size100gEnergy450 calCuisineFrenchItalianMediterraneanCourseSauceSuitable for [...]

Keto Pizza

Keto PizzaThe problem about strict diets, like Keto, is that you cut out almost everything you love to eat. That is why here in bright diet our main focus is to bring back your lovely dishes without affecting your diet. The first problematic meal in every diet is pizza. How can we ever give up our tasty pizza? it is just so cruel. And waiting a full week for one cheat meal is also difficult. We need to find a way to include our delicious treats in our diets. And here is the first hack; Keto Pizza. Simply, Keto Pizza [...]