sleep quality with keto diet

Types And Levels Of Sleeping: Effect Of Keto On Sleeping Quality

So many people think that transitioning from a high-carb meal plan to a low-carb meal plan will cause them insomnia and fewer hours of sleep. But did they ask themselves about the quality of sleeping during these low-carb diets?


Even though some people may suffer from sleep-waking and insomnia while consuming Ketones on ketosis state but they claimed that their sleep is deeper and more efficient.


Even researchers backed up those claims and proved that the Keto diet increases sleeping efficiency.
Science proves that a human being sleeps one-third of his lifetime. Of course, you experienced before the difference between a deep sleep night and a sleepless one. Did you notice that on a deep sleep night you are more clear, concentrated, healthy and more productive, while on a sleepless night you are a mess, nervous, anxious and not productive at all?


Sleeping is vital for a human being moreover it affects his health and wellbeing.
Required sleeping hours differ from one to another according to age, diet plan, and stress levels.

How does lack of sleep may affect your performance?

Lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, stroke, diabetes and chronic heart diseases. People who sleep less tend to crave high-carbohydrate snacks more. These cravings cause obesity and higher insulin levels with the risk of diabetes disease.

Researchers made an experiment to test the difference between efficient sleep and inefficient sleep on a human body. When they gave the same amount of calories to 2 groups of people. The first one had the chance to sleep 8 consequence hours and the second group didn’t get the chance to sleep more than 5 hours. 

This second group suffered from several things the first group didn’t suffer from, like:

  1. They were more often hungry, storing their fat intake instead of burning it.
  2. They were more likely to lose muscles and lean body mass.
  3. Not to mention, they were certainly less concentrating, less productive.
  4.  Also, they were under the risk of making accidents and impaired performing while doing their daily tasks.

Explore with us what happens during your sleep nights:

Researchers developed so many studies about sleeping and these studies are called Sleeping Architecture.

This architecture is about the levels of sleep your mind goes through.

What are the types of Sleeping?

  • Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep, which is a deep sleep and it can be renewed easily.
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is when your brain works on storing and filing away memories like lessons you’ve learned or happy moments.

The NREM sleep itself has 3 stages:

  • Stage N1 is the first stage of sleep, it’s the lightest state of sleep and it’s the easiest to wake from as it’s the stage when you turn from awake to sleeping state.
  • Stage N2 is the second stage of sleep, it’s deeper than N1 stage as it lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, it’s considered to be the true sleep as it takes place for about 50% of the total sleep.
  • Stage N3 is the third stage of sleep, it’s the deep sleep which when you reach to it, You feel fresh in the next day. This sleep happens around an average of 20% of the total sleep for adults.

How does the Keto Diet affect your sleep and its quality:

Scientists developed a study about what makes a sleep of high quality. This high quality sleep helps a person to be refreshed and more concentrating. They found that there are 4 factors according to them we can say that this sleep is a good quality sleep or not.

These factors are:

  1. To fall asleep in a short time around 20 to 30 mins.
  2. Not to wake up in the middle of the sleeping time and if happened just once is the maximum number of wake-ups.
  3. If woke up returning back to fall asleep in 20 mins.
  4. Having a real sleep around 80% of the total time spent in bed.

ON the other hand, they developed other studies about those factors which determine a poor quality sleep, those factors are like:

  1. insomnia
  2. Sleepwalking
  3. Restless legs syndrome
  4. Sleep apnea.


Experiments to test the difference in sleep quality between Low-carb Dieters and High-carb Dieters found two significant results:

  • Significantly decreased daytime sleepiness.
  • Further increased REM sleep time.

It means that even though Low-carb diets like Keto Diet may affect the sleeping hours and cause its reduction but, it increases and improves the quality of sleep and quality of life.
The great news is when following Low-carb Keto Diet it leads to improving the quality of sleeping and losing weight which helps the person to get a better lifestyle and improve his daily performance.

Losing weight with a good sleep quality shows you the way to concentrate and produce in a better way.