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Benefits Of Water For A Healthier Body: Why We Should Drink More Water

It’s well known that water is the most important element the human body needs through the day. For those who are looking forward to losing weight in a healthy way, read to learn more about the benefits of water without harming their body or skin, they should increase their water intake. That’s because of the help Water provides for losing weight and maintaining the body functions. Benefits of water are numerous and we will tell you why you should manage your daily water intake.

Do you know that drinking water helps in burning your body calories?

When drinking a glass of water (0.5l Lt) it has a positive effect on the body, since after drinking this glass of water the amount of burnt calories increases which are called Resting Energy Expenditure.

This resting energy expenditure increases when drinking water within just 10 minutes. For adults, it increases about 20-30%, while for kids and obese children it increases by about 25% after drinking water.


According to Studies made on women who were trying to lose weight, when compared the results between a group of women who drank 1 Lt of water as a daily routine and another group who drank less than this amount for a period of one year, it was found that those who drink more water lost 2 more KGs than the other group. Taking into consideration that everything else in their daily routines was the same. So these results were found impressive that just the difference in the amount of water drunk led to increasing the lost weight. Also, there was another consequence came out with these studies which are the difference between their waist circumferences, that group who drank more water, their waist circumferences have significantly shrunk and their fat percentages decreased more than the other group.


Drinking water is related to minimizing calorie intake and increasing lost weight:

When substituting beverages, soft drinks and hot drinks which contain sugars with water instead, this means you are reducing your calorie intake and putting instead a calorie-free healthy drink which provides your body with the required amount of liquids and also refreshes your body and skin to look more healthy and young. If you added a cup of water to your daily routine, it will help your body to resist weight gain and being obese. So it’s recommended if parents encourage their kids to drink more water and substitute those full of sugar juices with water to avoid child obesity. 


What is the preferable amount of water a person should drink in a day to get the most benefits of water?

In regular cases, it’s recommended to have about 2 liters (8 oz)  a day. But there are other cases which may require more water intake like those people who tend to sweat a lot, mothers who breastfeed and older people. Those need to compensate for the lost fluids by drinking more water during their daily routines.

We can’t ignore the fact that there are so many foods and beverages provide the body with water like milk, meats, fish, tea, coffee and especially vegetables and fruits.

When you feel thirsty get enough water and satisfy your thirst. 


Also if you have an unreasonable headache or you feel annoyed with bad mood swings, the reason may be due to mild dehydration, so try to drink enough water as it may help in fixing these problems.


We are going to give you a rough amount of water needed per day by different measurements :

  • Measuring In liters = 2 liters
  • To measure In ounces = 34 – 67
  • And to measure In glasses ( 8 oz) = 4 – 8 


As we said these are rough amounts which may differ from one individual to another. You may need more, You may need less. But take care don’t overrate drinking water to the extent which may harm you. Exaggerating in drinking water may cause water toxicity. Water toxicity may kill due to drinking too much water in a short time like those who play water competitions, they are harming themselves to a big extent. 


Our last advice to you; Drinking a moderate amount of water around 1-2 liters a day and especially before meals help you to reduce calorie intake and increase weight loss.