Almond flour

Benefits Of Almond Flour And How To Use In Ketogenic Diet

Quitting to use traditional white flour is the best decision you are about to take or maybe you have already taken but you are just confused which is the best kind of healthy flour that you should use. 

There are so many kinds of healthy flour that are nuts based. Almond flour is one of the finest kinds of nuts based flour. It is the main ingredient in the best macaroons recipe by the way. Almond flour which you can use in so many recipes like quick bread or cookies.

Also, you can use it to make a breaded gluten-free fish or meat to get a rich yet healthy flavor for your meal. 


How To Prepare?

Almond Flour can be either bought from markets that have an organic product shelf, or you can prepare your own homemade almond flour. 


If you want a recipe using white clear flour to make a cake, quick bread or cookies which a good appearance then you can use blanched almonds which are skin removed and non-sweetened. You can use your blender for grounding your almonds but don’t over ground them in order to extract the almonds fats and turn to be making almond butter. 


If you are aiming to have a complete almond meal, then you are going to ground the almonds without removing their skin to get this natural appearance of almond flour. You can use it in preparing more rustic baking recipes like quick bread, cookies or make a crusted coating for your chicken or fish. 


In case you are going to choose to buy them try to choose a good brand and take care of the color of the flour itself whether it’s white and clear or it’s with brown speckles since it differs according to the recipe you are going to use in.


Here is one of the most popular brand of Almond flour which is good quality and convenient  price which you can find on Amazon:


Almond Flour Nutrients

Almond flour is one of the best alternatives for the white flour. It’s high in protein, vitamin E, manganese and monounsaturated fats, fibers and it’s low in carbohydrates. 

Here are the nutrients which you can get from having a ¼ cup of almond flour: 


150 calories

 6 grams of protein

11 grams of fat

6 grams of carbohydrates

3 grams of fiber

1 gram of sugar

60 mg of calcium

2 mg of iron


Note: Make sure before serving a meal containing almond flour to someone who may be suffering from an allergy against almonds. 


Baking and Cooking With Almond Flour

You can use almond flour to bake a low-carb gluten-free Bread, Cookies, or even a Keto Pizza 

Also, you can cook using almond flour to make Chicken tenders or Keto Spring rolls


Almond flour is a keto-friendly flour that can help you prepare delicious Meals, Snacks, and Desserts to enjoy your Keto diet to lose weight efficiently without getting bored with your meals.