avoid weight regain after stopping a keto diet

6 Tips To Keep The Lost Weight After Keto Break Off

Probably after following Keto Diet for a sufficient period of time, while you successfully achieved your goals. You finally started to look confident and loving yourself while looking into the mirror. Experiencing the Keto benefits on your body and your mental health are your great achievements which you don’t want to lose again. Avoid weight regain by following these tips.


But you are thinking about returning back to eat normally by transitioning off the Keto Diet. Maybe you are feeling satisfied with your looks, or you just need to change your eating routines. 

Don’t get back to your old habits to avoid weight regain

Returning back to your traditional way of eating which you used to do before starting Keto can be the worst mistake you could ever do to yourself. Cutting of unhealthy foods for a long period of time certainly affected your health and body in a good way, so don’t lose these benefits for the sake of a full sugar donut or a high-carb pasta.

Quitting Keto aggressively may lead to several unpleasant problems such as bloating, blood sugar spikes, increased hunger feelings, sugar cravings and of course noticeable rate of weight gain. 


Carbs That Are High In Protein And Fiber Are The Best Choice:

Choosing hard to digest carbs like cashews, beans, and bread made with whole grains are good options to be introduced after cutting off carbs strictly for a long time.

The “Carbohydrate”  term has a reason since it is coming from the two words Carb and Hydrate. This is due to water retention which results from adding carbs into your meals. So get ready for a mild weight gain that you will experience when starting to increase your carbohydrate intake.

From this point, it is recommended to choose healthy sources of carbohydrate which don’t spike your blood sugar level. And also don’t tend to retain more water in your body.


Don’t Provoke Your Intestines By Carbs Aggression:

Returning back to your traditional ways of eating high-carb foods like bread, pasta, rice, and high sugar desserts after cutting these things off for a long period of time can lead to gastrointestinal problems and pains, Suddenly introducing processed and junk foods is a harsh thing and an unpleasant shock to your body after following a clean and healthy meal plan.


If you are going to add s to your day then it’s recommended to add healthy carbs like the carbs in fruits and vegetables because they supply the body with the essential phytonutrients, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.


Smaller Meal Portions For A Smaller Waist Measurements:

Some People forget that the size of their meal portions has also an important effect on their weight. 

Eating clean and choosing whole foods instead of processed ones is the main point the Keto diet depends on, but also being aware of the portions you should serve to yourself is really important. 

While transitioning off the Keto diet and adding more carbs to your meal, you need to take care of the quantity of food you are having in order not to regain your lost weight and waist your efforts.


Sugar Bombs Can’t Be Your Dessert Instead Of Fat Bombs:

Beware of adding too much sugar to your meals as it will drastically return your sugar cravings back.

Notice that while following Keto for a long period of time your sugar cravings decrease in a way that helped you to avoid eating full of sugary desserts and sweets along the Keto period. You made a great accomplishment which you don’t want to lose again. Try to choose more fruits with moderate sugar levels instead. High sugar levels will not let you avoid weight regain after stopping your keto diet.

Try this Chocolate fat bomb for dessert


Keep Up Your Healthy Lifestyle:

-Stopping to follow Keto Diet doesn’t mean that you are quitting your other healthy habits.

-Sleeping well, exercising, being hydrated and choosing healthy sources of food can be your life habits. 

-Messing up with these good guys may lead you to easily fall back into your old habits and regain more weight. 



Enjoying your life in a healthy way is all about choosing balanced meals with clean sources of food. Taking good care of yourself by eating right, sleeping efficiently and moving healthily by exercising or even having a walking routine. 

Regaining back your lost weight is a scary thing that you don’t want to experience and quitting Keto diet shouldn’t lead to this unpleasant result.