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Get to know more about Keto.

Ketogenic Diet: Definition And Steps

Here is a brief about what is the meaning of The Ketogenic or “keto” diet. How it started and used as a treatment for several diseases to change people’s lives into better lives.

9 Steps To Get Into Ketosis State

Reaching ketosis state is a simple and straightforward process but because of all the information out there, it may seem confusing. Here are the main points you should know about keto.  

How it works?

The ketogenic diet is based on depriving the body of glucose which is the main source of energy for all the cells of your body which is obtained from the carbohydrates intake.

Ketone Bodies Definition And How To Reach Ketosis

 It is important to know what’s the meaning of Ketones, which is also known as “Ketone Bodies” they are the catalyst for the body to be in ketosis state.

Types Of Food To Eat And Types To Avoid While Following Keto

Here we are giving you a small brief about the main allowed foods in your Keto menu. In addition to foods that you can include in your keto diet at some conditions. And foods that you should avoid entirely.

Effect Of Keto On Fighting Cancer

Ketogenic Diet may become an obligatory diet for cancer patients as it should be followed by them to weaken the cancer cells by starving them.

MCT Oil: How To Use In Keto Diet?

 If we want to apply Keto correctly in order to lose more weight & be more active to get the best of your life we need to reach the required level of fat intake. MCT oil might be the best solution for you to complete your daaily fat intake.

Secret of Intermittent Fasting: Definition And How It’s Done

 There is an ancient secret used by old ages to maintain health and lose weight efficiently. This secret is intermittent Fasting. Let’s understand the its meaning here.

Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting Affecting Weight Loss Progress

Intermittent Fasting is the shortest way for having a healthy life while losing excess weight and being more active with a clear mind. Let’s answer some common questions about the benefits of intermittent fasting, how it affects our bodies, what is the difference between being fed and being fast.

7 Supplements & Vitamins Not To Skip While Following Keto

If you are going to commit with the ketogenic diet, then it’s better to add electrolycts and vitamis to your daily routine to keep your energy and stength in good levels.

How To Commit into Keto And Succeed To Reach Your Goals

Everyone starting diet will face some struggles in the beginning of it, due to lowering food intake, reducing sugars and carbohydrates. With Keto diet there are struggles you may face. but you must have the strong will to face them.

9 Common Mistakes In Keto Diet

During a keto diet it is crucial to get the most out of everything you eat. little mistakes in keto diet can happen and even the most committed to the diet sometimes fall victims to some common mistakes. Let’s clarify and learn how to avoid mistakes in a Keto diet:

10 Common Symptoms Of Keto Flu And Their Solutions

We will assume that you started Keto Diet and you became so enthusiastic about applying it. The first day went well! The second day, you are ok but somehow of lower energy! is it Keto flu?

5 Keto Symptoms And Their Cure

You have been burning carbohydrates to produce energy for your body due to eating sugars and high carbohydrate meals for your whole life. When you change to keto, you will face some of the keto side effects.

Benefits Of Keto On Stability Of Insulin Levels In The Blood

According to The Global Diabetes Community in UK: “Ketogenic diets are very effective at achieving two common aims of diabetes control, lowering blood glucose levels and reducing weight”. Since the Keto diet is depending upon the idea of eating low-carbohydrate, high-fat level. This reduces the required amount the body needs of insulin. This result is beneficial to both Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 patients.  

5 Health Benefits of MCT Oil

The 3 letters MCT came from medium-chain triglycerides term. It is a form of saturated fatty acid that you can get from coconuts or coconut oil. Stick to a keto plan and get all of the MCT oil benefits.

Benefits Of Keto On Improving High Blood Pressure Monitoring

Starting Keto Diet may lead to lower your blood pressure. So take care that in a short period of time you may need to consult your doctor about stopping taking your medication. You may relatively become too healthy for this current dosage of medication.

Types And Levels Of Sleeping: Effect Of Keto On Sleeping Quality

So many people think that transitioning from a high-carb meal plan to a low-carb meal plan will cause them insomnia and fewer hours of sleep. But did they ask themselves about the quality of sleeping during these low-carb diets?

7 Reasons For Having Flabby Skin After Losing Weight And How To Get Rid Of It

Did you start a diet plan which you really liked and found yourself losing weight efficiently, meanwhile those burnt fats left behind them a flabby skin which is not so beautiful and annoying? After doing all this effort and struggling all this time with excess weight you still don’t like your body shape?!

Do I Need To Calculate My Calories To Lose Weight Efficiently?

Have you ever been following a diet plan while complaining of not losing weight or having a very slow rate of weight loss? Did you ask yourself why is this happening? read this calorie counting guide for more information.

Different Types Of Exercising And How To Apply With Keto

Lot’s of rumors and some old school nutritionists stated that following a Low-carb, High-fat meal plan may become an obstacle in front of performing well in the Gym or from being an athlete. The truth is that Keto Diet is a kind of diet which can be perfectly fitting in everyone’s life. Learn more on how to exercise with keto.

Benefits Of Water For A Healthier Body: Why We Should Drink More Water

It’s well known that water is the most important element the human body needs through the day. For those who are looking forward to losing weight in a healthy way, read to learn more about the benefits of water

Good Fats And Bad Fats For A Keto Lifestyle

As a beginner, you may ask yourself what kinds of fats would be useful in the keto diet and what kinds of fats you should not consume in Keto.

Why You Should Ignore The Scale Reading While Following Keto

Many people measure their success and the efficiency of their diets according to the number they get when stepping on the scale, which is a big fat mistake. Scale reading is not the goal.

7 Best Tips For Travelling While On Keto Diet

It’s common when a person is on a diet to lose control and easily get tempted with food while traveling. It’s quite challenging to stick to your meal plan as you will be more exposed to more sugary, full of carbs, quick snacks or meals. this is a guide to help you in traveling with keto diet.

4 Types Of Keto Diet To Fit Your Lifestyle

Every person has his own preferences, his own fitness level and his own experiences with previous diets. If you are going to start following the Ketogenic Diet, then it’s better for you to explore the 4 types of keto to be able to decide which one you prefer the most.

Can Vegetarian Follow Keto Diet? Know About Keto Vegetarian Diet

A lot of people prefer to choose Vegetarian eating by avoiding all kinds of meats. Speaking about the Keto diet, means we are speaking about a kind of diet that includes a lot of meat. Do you think in this case vegetarians are’nt able to do Keto?

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee With Keto Diet

Have you ever imagined that you can turn your morning coffee as a fat burner? Is coffee in keto diet a thing can help in losing weight? Yes! This is applicable with Keto Diet as you can make every bite of your food and every sip your drink count.

8 Useful Hacks to Make Keto Easier

If you’re newly starting a healthy diet plan, and you chose this plan to be Keto Diet, then, first of all, we want to tell you it’s a great choice because you are going to enjoy its benefits

6 Main Reasons For Not Losing Weight With Keto Diet

Some people start following Low-carb Diets like Ketogenic Diet, but they experience weight stability without understanding the reasons which cause this stability.

Best Fruit Choices On Keto Diet

Introducing Keto Diet as a diet in which fruits are forbidden is a totally misleading way of Keto introduction. When you tell someone “While following Keto Diet you are not allowed to eat fruits” the first answer you will get for sure, “No Way I am doing this kind of diet!”

5 Results Of Cheat Meal With Keto Diet

Everyone following a certain diet may wish for a cheat meal to break out the healthy clean eating routine. Sometimes on special occasions, in vacations or while visiting a new city we think about getting a cheat meal like having a delicious pasta or a piece of cake or anything else you may wish for. In Keto it’s no different, you will have the same thoughts and cravings.

Main Reasons And Best Solutions To Avoid Hair Loss With Keto Diet

You are following a low-carb diet for a while and started to notice your hair loss is increasing. Brushing your hair started to be annoying as you don’t like witnessing the fall of your hair strands in your brush. Don’t worry! Hair loss in keto is a common occurrence among low-carb dieters and it can be reversed.  If you notice low-carb diet structures, you will find that hair loss is an important concern which is luckily a temporary concern.

Reasons To Choose Keto Diet: Keto For Beginners

Keto Diet is a low-carb diet that not only aims for losing weight but also has so many health benefits on heart health, mental health, blood sugar levels, and even skin and hair health. Bur is keto for beginners as easy as it sounds? Following the Ketogenic diet will help you lose weight effectively without hunger or starving yourself. Also following the Keto diet will transform your body from a carb-burner into fat-burner to produce the energy needed for your daily tasks.

6 Benefits Of Keto For Seniors To Overcome Common Age Diseases

While speaking about the Keto diet and how it has a positive effect on the health and the body, the first question knocks our minds, What about our dear seniors?  The answer is Yes! Why not. Actually Keto can help in fixing so many age problems. Bone fragility, joint inflammation, insulin resistance are classified as age diseases that can be cured by following a Keto diet.

Overcome Depression With No Medications: How Keto Positively Affect Mental Health?

“ In 2014, 19.7% of people in the UK aged 16 and over showed symptoms of anxiety or depression – a 1.5% increase from 2013. This percentage was higher among females (22.5%) than males (16.8%). “ these statistics stated by the Measuring National Wellbeing Life In the UK in 2016. Can you overcome depression with keto?

Steps To Taper Off Anti-Depressants With Keto Diet

Can you actually become happier with keto? In the world of psychiatry, there are two ways of treatment for depression. The first school doesn’t prefer to induce any kind of medication. It just aims for enhancing the patient’s style of life by introducing new positive habits like optimizing the ways of eating, encouraging positive perceptions of different situations and improving the quality of sleep.

Ketosis Vs Ketoacidosis: Which One Is Good? Which One Is Bad?

“Is Ketosis the same as Ketoacidosis?” Since both names are quite close, this question is always asked before starting the Keto diet in order to make sure whether it’s a safe diet plan or not. 

6 Tips To Keep The Lost Weight After Keto Break Off

Probably after following Keto Diet for a sufficient period of time, while you successfully achieved your goals. You finally started to look confident and loving yourself while looking into the mirror. Experiencing the Keto benefits on your body and your mental health are your great achievements which you don’t want to lose again. Avoid weight regain by following these tips.

Best 7 Tips To Get An Acne-Free Skin With Keto Diet

Keto diet is now a very popular diet since it has so many benefits that can obviously show on your health. It’s a diet plan which mainly aims for effective weight loss and also it can be used as a cure for several diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes (especially type 2), heart disease, Alzheimer’s and so many other diseases. But did you ever imagine that a Keto diet can be a reason to have a healthier skin?! How can you have an Acne-free skin with keto?

Benefits Of Almond Flour And How To Use In Ketogenic Diet

Quitting to use traditional white flour is the best decision you are about to take or maybe you have already taken but you are just confused which is the best kind of healthy flour that you should use.  There are so many kinds of healthy flour that are nuts based. Almond flour is one of the finest kinds of nuts based flour. It is the main ingredient in the best macaroons recipe by the way. Almond flour which you can use in so many recipes like quick bread or cookies. Also, you can use it to make a breaded gluten-free […]

The Optimum Level Of Ketone Bodies In The Blood And How To Measure It

  “Ketogenic Diet” is a low-carb, high-fat diet that transforms the metabolic system of the body from producing the energy of the body by burning carbohydrates into producing energy by burning the stored fats. This state is called Ketosis state. That’s why the term Ketogenic is coming from Ketosis since this state is when your body generates more Ketone bodies which work as a fuel for the body to produce its energy by burning fats.   The level of Ketone bodies in the blood is considered as an indication to the level of your Ketosis State. This level if very low […]

Eat Peanut Butter And Lose Weight

Peanut Butter is a delicious spread that can add happiness to your day. Since we were kids we used to have it on a toasted slice in the morning to start our day with energy and power.    Peanut butter has 6 main benefits to your health, but make sure you are choosing an organic peanut butter brand or you can also prepare it by yourself easily at home.   Benefits Of Peanut Butter: 1- Helps In Losing Weight:  Having Peanut butter as a snack or in the morning satisfies you easily without gaining weight which also helps you to […]

Top 6 Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is always a good choice when preparing a meal as it has numerous health benefits. Let’s discuss here what are the top 12 benefits of olive oil.

5 Top Benefits Of MCT Oil And Best Products

In we really appreciate the great health benefit of using MCT oil.  If you are a person who is working to achieve a healthier lifestyle by choosing the right choices of food, trying to stick to a routine, adding the essential vitamins and minerals to your daily intake and starting to reorganize your daily life by sleeping efficiently, avoiding harmful manners like smoking or drinking.  All these procedures are certainly leading to a healthy lifestyle that is full of energy and power. Adding MCT oil to your daily routine would be a great step toward a more energetic and […]

6 Benefits of Tahini and Why Should We Use it?

Tahini is mostly used in the middle eastern, north African, Turkish and Greek cuisines. It’s a thick paste with a nutty taste. Actually, tahini can be used in so many recipes or even as a dressing for salads.  If you want to check our delicious Shawarma recipe which is rich in tahini ingredient then don’t hesitate to click here.   What Is Tahini Made From? Sesame seeds are usually sprinkled on soups, salads or even sweet and sour chicken breasts. But not so many people know that sesame seeds can be used to create a creamy tahini butter which is […]

Low-Carb Cauliflower Products: Benefits And Uses

In we are always recommending a healthy way of living in terms of exercising, sleeping, drinking and eating.  When a person is following a diet plan to maintain a weight target or just to have a better shape without worrying about extra kilos. This person usually misses some types of foods like pasta, rice, bread, pizza, cakes, and so many other things you can really enjoy eating while they may cause you a tremendous amount of additional grams of weight.