acne-free skin with keto

Best 7 Tips To Get An Acne-Free Skin With Keto Diet

Keto diet is now a very popular diet since it has so many benefits that can obviously show on your health. It’s a diet plan which mainly aims for effective weight loss and also it can be used as a cure for several diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes (especially type 2), heart disease, Alzheimer’s and so many other diseases. But did you ever imagine that a Keto diet can be a reason to have a healthier skin?! How can you have an Acne-free skin with keto?

Actually, It can help in reducing the quantity, frequency, and severity of facial acne. This is due to the effect of Ketosis on hormonal health. 

Let’s first understand the meaning of Acne and the reason behind it, then we will explain how does Keto diet help in reducing their occurrence.


How Does Acne Occurs To The Skin?

Teenagers are the most ones who are exposed to experience acne since 90% of the people having acne are teenagers. People with age ranges between the 20s to 30s are similarly exposed to acne for several reasons. 

The human skin includes Sebaceous glands, these glands are located in the skin’s outer layer which is connected to the hair follicles. There are complex interactions that occur in the skin resulting in Acne development. These complex interactions happen in the skin as the glands start to produce an oily substance known as Sebum. This Sebum lubricates the hair and the skin cells leading to replacing and shedding the healthy skin cells.

  When the level of androgens (male hormones) increases, this causes an increase in sebum production levels. This results in oily skin. The skin cells ramp up and the dead skin cells can’t get cleared in normal means. In this case, the skin cells combine together with the excess sebum leading to the formation of blocks or plugs. While all this process is happening, there are kinds of bacteria that feed on sebum. 

The outer skin layer is normally containing small amounts of a kind of bacteria known as P. Acnes which lives deep in the hair follicles. When acne develops in the skin, the concentration of P. Acne increases dramatically which causes inflammation which appears in the form of whiteheads, cysts, and pustules.


How Does Your Meal Plan May Affect Acne?


In the early studies, researchers have found that high carb and high sugar meal plans relatively increase the development of acne and worsens it more and more. Actually, they couldn’t find a specific link between food and acne as they couldn’t find the reason behind acne development while following a high carb meal plan.

In the last decades, dietitians and researchers reached the fact which states that carbohydrates can be the main dietary convict which causes acne since it has negative effects on the hormonal regulation of the human body. 

In the year 2007, there was a study made on 43 young men suffering from acne, this study results showed that a low-glycemic-load diet group experienced a great reduction in the acne lesions more than the high-glycemic-load diet group. Moreover, they had lower levels of androgen and insulin. This group enjoying an obvious rate of weight loss and improvement in insulin sensitivity as well. 

We would like to mention that this experiment wasn’t applied through a low-carb diet or Keto diet. They were just taking 44% less of their normal carb dietary intake. 

Imagine the great results they would have experienced in case they were following a low-carb or keto diet! 


Ketogenic Diet Can Help In Reducing Acne:

People who started to follow low-carb diets especially low-carb high-fat diets have noticed that they have healthier skin. So let’s here know the reasons for these improvements.


Lower Insulin Levels: 

Keto diet works on reducing the insulin levels in the blood which consequently reduces the production of skin cells, androgen, and sebum leading to a great reduction in acne experience.


Keto Diet produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the body: 

Reducing the carb intake leads to resisting inflammation which drives the acne progress in the skin. 



Best 7 Tips To Reach A Smooth and Acne-free Skin With Keto:

We are going to give you a bit of additional advice which can help you in order to reach a very good routine while following the Keto diet plan.


1- Fatty Fish Acid Omega 3:

You can increase the consumption of fatty fish acid which are included in salmon, sardine, mackerel, herring, and anchovies. 


2- Increase Vegetable Intake With Low-carb Levels:

Eating low-carb vegetables like leafy vegetables may lead to hormonal regulations and improves skin health.


3- Restrict Dairy Products:

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and even skimmed milk have a link to increased insulin levels and acne progress.


4- Drinking Green Tea:

In order to avoid acne and improve your skin health, you may need to drink green tea since it is considered an antioxidant.


5- Restrict Dark Chocolate:

Some people think that dark chocolate is healthier than other kinds of chocolates full of sugar and milk. But according to acne, there is no difference between all kinds of chocolate as they worsen the acne development process.


6- Clean low-carb Foods are perfect choices:

This kind of food is the best for both your skin health and your general health condition.


7- Don’t Rush Results:

Sometimes people rush results and when they find breakouts start to appear in their skins they stick this result to a low-carb diet or keto diet effects on the body. While they need to give the diet it’s time to get over the keto-adaptation period and reach a stable Ketosis state


Conclusion, keto can get you acne-free skin:

Eating low-carb is a key for a healthier life since it eliminates insulin levels in the blood leading to so many advantages to the human body. One of these advantages is acne reduction and 9treatment. After following a low-carb diet for a sufficient period of time you will experience a great improvement in acne and so many other health problems are going to be automatically solved. Keep following the keto diet to maintain acne-free skin.