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5 Top Benefits Of MCT Oil And Best Products

In we really appreciate the great health benefit of using MCT oil

If you are a person who is working to achieve a healthier lifestyle by choosing the right choices of food, trying to stick to a routine, adding the essential vitamins and minerals to your daily intake and starting to reorganize your daily life by sleeping efficiently, avoiding harmful manners like smoking or drinking. 

All these procedures are certainly leading to a healthy lifestyle that is full of energy and power.

Adding MCT oil to your daily routine would be a great step toward a more energetic and active lifestyle.


Benefits Of MCT Oil:

1-Helps In Losing Weight Efficiently:

Studies have shown that one tablespoon of MCT oil per day is capable of satisfying a person at a higher level more than other kinds of natural fats like coconut oil and olive oil.

People wishing to lose weight can enjoy the benefits of MCT oil since it includes two main elements that help a person to get satisfied faster for a longer time. These elements are peptide YY and leptin.

MCT oil helps the human body to burn more fats if added to the daily routine as it is easily processed. 


2-Healthy Yet Instant Source Of Energy:

Do you know that taking a few drops of MCT oil at the beginning of the day can replace a cup of coffee?

MCT oil can be used as a fuel to the brain since it has a short fat chain composition which can easily break down to become a source of energy to the body.

If You are following Keto diet, adding MCT oil to your daily routine would make a great way to produce more Ketone bodies which in turn works as a fuel to your brain and also rapids the weight loss process by helping the body to burn more fats.


3. Helps In Fighting Epilepsy, Alzheimer, and Autism:

These cruel diseases are mainly affecting brain health. MCT oil has the privilege of repairing and maintaining brain condition. 


Actually, the Ketogenic diet was originally invented to help Epilepsy patients and along the way it was found that it helps in losing weight due to the production of ketone bodies. These ketones convert to be the fuel for body energy. MCT oil consumption leads to an increase in the production of ketone bodies.


Alzheimer’s disease impairs your brain’s ability to use sugar. Using MCT oil as a source of energy since it produces more ketone bodies providing the body with the required power instead of sugar, helps in blocking the receptor of the brain which causes memory loss.


Studies found that adding MCTs to a ketogenic and gluten-free diet substantially improved Autism behaviors for 6 of the 15 children involved in an experiment that was applied to autism children group. 


4. MCT Oil Helps In Fighting Diabetes Type 2:

MCT oil has shown to reduce fat storage and increase fat burning. This advantage can help in losing weight and managing the insulin level in the blood. Diabetic patients are mostly suffering from obesity. Using MCT oil and choosing a Keto diet to be their diet plan would be the best choice for them.


5. MCT Oil For Better Heart Condition:

Being overweight can lead to several diseases affecting the heart, such as high cholesterol, inflammation, and high blood pressure. 


Studies and researches have shown that MCT oil can help in improving the level of HDL ( The good type of cholesterol) and reducing the level of LDL ( The bad cholesterol), as well as losing the excess weight which causes a high threat to the heart condition. 


Best Types Of MCT Oil:

1-Premium Pure C8 MCT Oil:

Premium Pure C8 MCT Oil is Amazon’s choice, since it’s a great booster for Ketone Levels, easily digested, all-natural and non-allergic. It has the highest purity level of C8 MCT reaching 99.8%. 



2-Qetomax MCT Oil: 

Qetomax is 100% made of coconuts, it is totally pure with no hidden palm oil. This brand is very famous for the high purity level of C8 MCT since they never mix MCT with Palm oil yet their price is affordable and cheap. Qetomax C8 MCT is odorless and colorless which helps to use it in numerous ways. 






3-Natures Aid MCT Oil:

Natures Aid100 Percent MCT Oil is formed of Medium-Chain Triglycerides. It is sustainably sourced from pure premium coconut oil. As well as, it is unflavoured and odorless, ideal for use in coffee, shakes, dressings, and smoothies.

MCT oils are rapidly absorbed and thought to provide a useful energy source for the human body. 

Natures Aid 100 Percent MCT Oil is made in the UK to GMP and Pharmaceutical Standards.