19 years of fighting to lose weight until I found keto diet

Obesity was my main problem, But thanks to keto diet now I feel like I am starting the healthy chapter of my life. I was that chubby child since the age of 11. I have always tried to lose weight but

it was the hardest thing to do. When I was at school running wasn’t that fun, and when I was in high school it wasn’t so easy, When I was in college I wasn’t like that attractive guy who looks confident and enjoying his looks. Then It came to the age I decided to get married. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that 159 KGs young man. I asked myself how am I going to start this new phase of my life with this heavy body?! 

I really wanted to lose weight

I decided to lose weight as soon as possible, I literally starved myself, I started to spend half of my day in the fitness center. I was so happy with what I have done as I lost 59 KGs in a year and 8 months. I felt like I am proud of myself. But since I have starved myself and felt I am so much exhausted. I returned to eat greedily and couldn’t stop myself from eating sweets and high carbohydrate meals. After getting married by just one year I started to gain weight again with a very fast rate to the extent that everybody told me what are you doing to yourself?!

I felt like I am so week and I will live that way for the rest of my life, I fell into a depression which led to increase in the rate of weight gain to reach 149 KGs. 

How keto diet saved me

One year ago I heard about Ketogenic Diet, the concept of “eat more fats to burn more fats” took my attention and lit up my curiosity about it. I searched on the internet about it and fortunately, I found from which I understood a lot about What is Keto Diet and how to follow it. In just 8 months I lost 49 KGs and the best thing in this Keto diet journey that I didn’t need to starve myself or crave for sugars, as in the Keto Diet I can eat whatever I want without feeling bad about myself. 

One year ago, I had never imagined I would be writing my success story about losing weight and feeling comfortable about being on diet and willing to continue doing it to lose what’s not lost yet of this extra burden. Thanks to for being my guide and inspiration for new meals during this journey of losing weight to live more energetic and active.